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X-Feeder v.2.0 Beta Testing StartedX-Feeder v.2.0 Beta Testing Started

We announce the start of beta testing of version 2.0. The period of beta-testing will last for at least 3 weeks. Then we'll decide whether to prolong it or make an official release.

The beta version is free for download and use, so everyone can install it for free and start betting in BetFair Games.

The setup file of the beta-version can be downloaded from the following link:


NO REGISTRATION is required.

Last update was made at: 05:10 PM, 10 Oct.

The file includes the application and help file with the basic description of the software.

We will update both the help file and application during the beta-testing, as we're still open to suggestions and moderate criticism. :)

The users that prove to be helpful during the beta-testing period will be granted a free month of X-Feeder subscription after the official release is made. Please send your bug reports and suggestions to the following email address:


Please note: the current version 1.6 will keep working as usual, and all the support will be provided in the usual way. We will also keep supporting the older version for some time after the official release of version 2.0.

We are grateful to all people who will participate in testing.

Best regards,

WellDone Creative Software.







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